GB’s Blog No 16
On 3rd August, during a short visit to Kolkata, my sister presented a box of Jigsaw puzzle pieces to Ishaan (Matuiti), my 3 year old grandson. The special character of the puzzle, remembered by my sister as Matuiti’s passion, searched and procured, was the depiction of heavy machinery and equipment used by the construction industry in creating a building Block.
It wasn’t, however, easy for a three year old to make head or tail of the pieces and begin. But, with the help of his father, slowly and surely the picture emerged and was completed in about an hour. Matuiti’s contribution was remarkable as the short videos would show. I tried applying my aged brain cells but gave up quickly. Sheepishly, I took refuge in documenting; an activity I am a little more familiar with.
What I wish to convey is that every one’s life at the beginning of every project is quite like a Jigsaw puzzle. Circumstances, little bits of inputs, initially difficult to comprehend and grasp, strewn all over the place have to be put in their rightful place. We cannot do this by ourselves. But under the guidance of a parent, or a teacher, or master or even a friend, the scattered pieces can be selected to fall in its place, resulting in the emergence of something beautiful. Sometimes, the picture appears after a number of years, sometimes even much later. Our initial bewilderment, disappointment, confusion, hesitation, misfortune then turns into an achievement.

The Jigsaw Puzzle

Life, we learn cannot be judged in moments of dismay. We have to work hard and then wait for the right time to see the final picture. Most often, the result is what we have wanted and strived for. As we know, not all soccer passes reaching the foot of a striker can immediately be converted into a goal.

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