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Nature is the best disinfectant. There are no two opinions. Sunshine and fresh air are the best disinfectants, and free! Svanir architecture and layout, over one acre of extensive tree cover, adjacent to the greenery of a Wildlife sanctuary meets the criteria.

We have three, independently placed twin cottages. Each room is 18 by 12 ft with two large windows that has nets to let in fresh, oxygen rich air. So, we recommend guests to let the air circulated at all times, with the fan. Only when the humidity has to be kept at a low level and the ambient temperature around 24- 25 degrees centigrade the AC may be switched on. Again to experience the ACs best effect, guests may relax on the bed, keeping the fan off. This will serve both energy conservation and ventilation interests. At night, when the temperature cools down and the breeze tries to come in, you may like to keep a bit of window glass open but the net closed.

Differently abled friendly Room access

We have always been using nature friendly disinfectants in keeping the door handles, tables, chairs, floors and bath fittings safe for our guests. Post Covid 19, we will also spray-disinfect the Air Conditioners after each guest has checked out. The bed and pillow covers are machine washed and then dried under the sun and fresh air for your safety. We would also offer new pillow covers, sheets and towels on charge, if you so wish.

As advised by tourism health professionals, we would ask you to bring items of personal and intimate use, and take them away with you. It would be great if you do not throw these in the bin as we want to be as waste neutral as possible. We, will however, have toothpaste, brush, comb, hand soap, tissue packs for you on charge if you so wish.

We use soap/ shampoo dispensers in our bath and at the dining area wash basin. We would also keep quality hand disinfectants for your mental comfort though hand washing with good soap under running water is just as good; according to authorities.

The layout of the buildings at Svanir is such that the south breeze filtered by the medicinal Karanja, Neem and other broad leaved trees pass through our main arterial road, sucking out and sanitizing each cottage and balcony on its way and then exits the premises at the front gate area. Svanir, from the very beginning has been air pollution and almost dust free.


Our dining space is designed to be naturally ventilated with six large windows allowing ‘criss – cross’ aeration. Our open kitchen is kept specifically clean and the utensils are disinfected partially under the sun, and on open space shelf.


Indrani has trained our service friends to keep themselves and especially their hands washed and scrubbed at all times. Spitting and littering inside the premises is forbidden. Kitchen waste and bio droppings are recycled and converted to fertilisers. Wastes that cannot be re-processed in-house are taken away by us to the Municipality Waste Bins some 15 kms away. Though this is troublesome we feel that this is the least we can do to keep Svanir as close to the concept of ‘pristine’ as possible.

Our winged inmates and guests, as well as the surface and subsoil life forms tell us that we are doing a good job. We hope to attract only such house guest who appreciate all this and would encourage us to continue. Sharing, suggesting and spreading are the ways of joining us in our endeavour.

Please reciprocate by assuring us at the time of booking that you and your familyare Covid free, have had no history; and would willingly submit yourself to non contact temperature checks and disinfecting at the time of your arrival at the front gate.  Soumya would be updating the House rules appropriately.



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