GB’s Blog No 15

I could never fathom why naming the guest rooms of our homestay had to be shelved for so long. After my initial attempt to arrive at a consensus I, like a typical bureaucrat, postponed the decision. Yet, I am convinced that every family abode needs a name, an identity. Whenever I come across imaginative names given to holiday homes, I am appreciative.

So, I am suggesting a set of names with directions N for North and S for south for our twin cottages.

Amrapalli N, Amrapalli S

Baiganpalli N, Baiganpalli S

Frangipani N, Frangipani S

(Amrapalli, Baiganpalli and Frangipani are prominent mango and flowering trees in our garden).

Besides making reference easier, including on the door front, bills and documents, the concept hopefully will find favour with the guests.

Welcome to Svanir…

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