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Something new: A Walk-A-Talk on the healing power of trees

Many of our guests, over the last few years, had shown a genuine interest in the plant and tree wealth of Svanir. They wanted to know what some fancied tree or plant was, how we achieved a jungle look in our property, which trees are very old, which trees are oxygen producing and so on. Many were keen to know if my Covid damaged lung felt more comfortable at Svanir in comparison to our apartment in the heart of Bhubaneswar. Undoubtedly, I was very happy to share whatever little knowledge I possessed; at the same time I began thinking as to how I could make this factor an integral part of the Svanir experience for all guests.

Peace under a worshipped tree

I am very pleased to tell you, our readers, that based on my four decades old experience of forests, forest dwellers and environment, I could script out a tour for all interested guests. My family read my plan and with valuable suggestions, approved it. “Papa, this will gel so much with our overall aim to make guests and their children, conscious about nature, and how to, in our limited, micro level, become the nucleus of a movement to plant trees, and more trees within our property as well as beyond,” is what Indrani and Soumya said in assent.

On 14th of June, early in the morning, we found a wonderful couple ready and excited to go along with me in our mini jungle and listen to what I had to share. I had planned to complete the “Walk-A-Talk” within 60 minutes but my son, who documented the journey photographically, told me that I had guided the enthusiastic young couple for nearly 2 hours! We were pleasantly surprised to note and record that even within this short time, we found that the blood pressure of one participant came closer to the universally accepted standard, while for the other, the pulse rate stabilised at 80 from 82/89! I’m looking forward to collecting much more data over a longer period of time since the accepted research data says that 2 hours of walking in deep forests over 3 days or more shows better heart and pulse rates, as well as oxygen saturation.

What did I talk about? Primarily, the healing power of trees on themselves and on receptive visitors. What is the message that I tried to convey?

That we feel so happy amidst trees and plants because there is no social compulsion on us to become a tree or an insect or a bird. So, we don’t have to compete, unlike in the human world, to do better than them. Trees will never judge us nor will it pass any comments on the way we look. We just have to feel nature’s flow, real slow, and be happy “pottering” along under and within their domain. We can forget our ‘to do’ list, and tomorrow.
But the greatest truth is that while we were not born with any connection with the plant and tree world, when we die, we will become soil and earth, the same base of all trees and the micro life forms. So, if we could look back, we would surely find an ancestor whose last remains are in a tree or its subsoil life, in the DNA formula. All the more reason for us to be respectful to them.

Trees R Us
Please book a slot for a Walk-A-Talk when you are staying the next time at Svanir. It will be our pleasure to walk with you. For the present, the programme is free.

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