Guestly notes 4

I was thrilled and honoured to note that two guests from the north west coast of Europe were impressed with the garden we had developed at Svanir, our homestay. “We like the mix of conventional flowering plants within the overall ambience of wilderness”, one of them said.

There is no doubt that I love non manicured nature; that I have studied trees; that I have met peoples of different cultures who live in harmony with nature but I have never been a ‘hands on’ gardener. So, the compliment was, indeed embarrassing too!

Indrani, my daughter in law told me that on the eve of their departure, the guests had touched her heart by stating that they had never met hosts who were so warm hearted. 

So, with earnest sincerity we thanked and bade them goodbye. We hoped we would meet each other again in the near future.

May we continue to host guests who love wilderness and appreciate the concept of a homestay.


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